Posted on Oct 26, 2023 by William L. Bowie

In a world where virtual meetings have become the norm, keeping track of important discussions, decisions, and actions can be a daunting task. However, with Myna, a revolutionary meeting memory solution, you can say goodbye to the days of scribbling notes and struggling to remember what was said during your virtual meetings. Myna transforms your virtual meetings into searchable and memorable experiences, ensuring that you're always in control and armed with the knowledge you need. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore Myna's pricing, how the product works, answer frequently asked questions, provide contact and support information, and discuss its affiliate program.


Myna offers flexible pricing plans to cater to different user needs. Whether you're a professional, team, or enterprise user, Myna ensures you have the perfect memory of your meetings at your fingertips. The pricing options are designed to make Myna accessible to everyone, allowing you to choose the plan that suits your requirements.

  • 30-Day Free Trial: Get started with Myna by enjoying a free trial for 30 days. This allows you to experience the power of perfect memory in your virtual meetings with no commitment.

  • Affiliate Program: Myna offers an affiliate program, allowing you to earn rewards by referring others to this remarkable meeting memory solution. If you're excited about Myna's capabilities, you can share it with your network and be rewarded for your efforts.


Myna is your virtual meeting companion that redefines how you interact with virtual meetings. Let's dive into the core features and benefits of this innovative product:

How Myna Works

Myna simplifies the process of capturing, storing, and accessing meeting information by providing the following functionalities:

  1. Activate Myna: Begin your journey with Myna by logging in at You can also link your preferred services, such as Dropbox, to enhance your meeting memory experience. If you're a Windows 10 user, launch the Myna app to ensure you're always the host of your meetings.

  2. Join a Meeting: With Myna, you can take control of your meeting recordings even if you're not the host. Simply hit the record button to start capturing the conversation.

  3. End the Call: After you leave the meeting, Myna takes care of processing the content. It sends you an email that visualizes the highlights, making it easy for you to revisit the most important parts of the discussion.

  4. Login to Myna: Access your perfect meeting memory through Myna's intuitive interface. Relive the crucial moments and harness the knowledge derived from your meetings.

Change the Record

Myna offers intelligent and searchable permanent records of your meetings, eliminating the need for manual note-taking. You can look forward to the following benefits:

  • Script: Receive a transcript of what was said during your calls in your inbox after the meeting. Additionally, SmartSnap captures the slides and other content presented during the meeting.

  • Audio: Enjoy crystal-clear recordings of your calls stored in your preferred cloud storage.

  • Video: Myna backs up video calls with picture-perfect footage, ensuring you have a complete record of your virtual meetings.

Searchable, Obviously

Myna's powerful search capabilities allow you to quickly navigate and locate specific moments in your meetings:

  • Person: Easily identify who said what during the meeting, allowing you to pinpoint key moments and hold participants accountable for their contributions.

  • Topic: Myna automatically recognizes the topics being discussed during the meeting. This feature helps you connect the dots in your conversations and skip the small talk. You can even add your custom topics to enhance Myna's usefulness.

  • Hot Button: Highlight and return to key points and content in real-time. Lay down markers for those crucial moments you want to revisit later.

Connected, Clearly & Cleverly

Myna ensures your meeting memories are accessible from various platforms, making it even more convenient:

  • Email: Receive a transcript of your meeting in your inbox once the meeting ends, making it instantly searchable for your reference.

  • Calendar: Everything is linked to the meeting invitation in your Outlook Calendar, allowing you to access your meeting records easily.

  • Cloud: For secure storage and sharing, Myna lets you save everything to the cloud via Dropbox, with Google Drive compatibility coming soon.

Virtual Meetings Made Actually Useful

Virtual meetings often suffer from overlapping voices, conflicting opinions, vague memories, and fuzzy accountability. Myna empowers you with the clarity of perfect memory, ensuring you forget about simply thinking you remember and become crystal clear about everything that was said and done.

Dig Deep on Desktop

Myna's recording app for Windows 10 enhances your virtual meeting experience by allowing you to connect seamlessly with your calendar and share important moments.


Myna doesn't limit itself to English; it works in multiple languages, including Spanish, French, Portuguese, and English, ensuring that users from around the world can harness the power of perfect memory.


Here are some common questions about Myna:

Q1: What platforms does Myna support? A1: Myna is compatible with a range of platforms, including Zoom, Dropbox, Outlook, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, and Google Hangouts.

Q2: How does Myna handle different types of meeting content? A2: Myna records audio, video, and content presentations, ensuring you have a comprehensive record of your meetings.

Q3: Can I customize topics for better organization? A3: Yes, Myna allows you to add your custom topics, enhancing its utility for your specific needs.

Contact and Support

If you have any questions or require support, Myna offers several avenues to get in touch:

  • Contact: You can reach out to Myna via their contact page on the official website.
  • Service & Support: For specific service and support inquiries, you can visit their dedicated service and support page.


Myna offers an affiliate program, giving you the opportunity to earn rewards by referring others to this innovative meeting memory solution. If you believe in the power of perfect memory, you can become an affiliate and share the benefits of Myna with your network.


Myna is a game-changer for virtual meetings. It takes the chaos and uncertainty out of your discussions and ensures you always have a perfect memory of what transpired. With intelligent search features, crystal-clear records, and support for various platforms, Myna is the tool you need to make your virtual meetings truly useful.

Never forget, knowledge is power. So, why not take advantage of Myna's 30-day free trial and experience the transformation of your virtual meetings for yourself? It's time to stop racking your brains and rifling through notebooks and start enjoying searchable meeting memory with Myna.