Posted on Oct 15, 2023 by William L. Bowie
Project Management

In the fast-paced world of creative agencies, studios, and freelancers, managing finances, tracking time, and creating invoices can be a daunting task. But fear not, because there's a solution that's revolutionizing the way these businesses handle their financial operations: Harpoon. This forward-looking time-tracking and invoicing software is here to help your team plan and forecast a profitable future.

What is Harpoon?

Harpoon is a comprehensive financial management tool designed to streamline and optimize your agency's billing and finances. It offers a range of features that help you set and achieve your financial goals, forecast revenue in real-time, budget projects accurately, track time efficiently, automate invoicing, manage expenses responsibly, and gain valuable insights through robust reporting and metrics.

Features that Set Harpoon Apart

So, what makes Harpoon stand out from traditional time-tracking and invoicing tools? Let's explore some of its key features:

1. Financial Goal Tracking

Harpoon allows you to set, track, and achieve a yearly financial goal for your business. This goal encompasses covering expenses, paying salaries, and ensuring your business remains profitable. With Harpoon, you'll gain peace of mind by having a clear roadmap to schedule new client projects from month to month, keeping you on track to reach your annual revenue goal.

2. Real-Time Revenue Forecasting

Harpoon automatically tracks your team's project activity and converts it into an accurate forecast of your expected revenue. You'll have a real-time view of how much revenue your business can anticipate, when it will be collected, and how it impacts your yearly and monthly goal progress.


"After one year of using Harpoon, we've had our highest revenue-generating year so far. We exceeded our yearly goal, hitting it one month sooner than expected!" - Dennis Field, Creative Director

3. Predictive Project Budgeting

Harpoon helps you determine the potential value and cost of a project before it even begins. Whether you bill by the hour or with a fixed fee, this feature empowers you to predict profitability at the project's outset, preventing last-minute budget adjustments.

4. Frictionless Time Tracking

Harpoon's time-tracking system is designed for simplicity and user-friendliness. Your team will find it easy to use, and you, as a business owner, will gain financial insights, knowing the precise value, cost, and potential profit of every recorded hour.


"When it comes to tracking my business's financial income and expenses, Harpoon is my favorite way to go about it. I haven't found a better service yet which fits my requirements so well." - Dries Vints, Software Engineer

5. Automated Invoicing

Put your billing on autopilot with Harpoon. It offers scheduling and automated sending of invoices, recurring invoices, and even auto-billing of your clients' credit cards or ACH. Harpoon will even follow up with your clients on overdue invoices, saving you time and ensuring a consistent cash flow.

6. Responsible Expense Budgeting

Your expenses are as vital as your earnings. Harpoon provides a monthly expense budget for your business, adding purpose, planning, and discipline to your spending. You can track every expense transaction and make adjustments as needed to maintain profitability.


"Success as a freelancer requires you to effectively predict the ups and downs of your revenue stream over the year. Harpoon is a godsend, the best tool out there for performing this task. Thank you Harpoon!" - Donna Horn, Principal & Consultant

7. Robust Reporting & Metrics

Harpoon stands out in helping you understand your numbers. With a customized dashboard, you can monitor the current and future health of your business, showcasing dozens of crucial metrics. Additionally, Harpoon's reports make it easy to organize and share these numbers with your accountant and other stakeholders.

8. Advanced Team Management

As your team grows, Harpoon grows with you. Invite business partners, employees, and contractors to your Harpoon account. You can assign roles and permissions for different team members and set unique internal cost rates while tracking your team members' weekly hours capacity.

9. Hundreds of Integrations

With Harpoon's flexible API and full Zapier integration, you can create custom, automated workflows between Harpoon and your favorite third-party products without writing any code. Say goodbye to manual data entry tasks and save valuable time.


"Harpoon has been a game changer for us! We absolutely love the schedule of projects and estimated cash flow, and the dashboard has all my important information right there when I log in." - Leigh Landeche, Owner

The Harpoon Method: Your Path to Financial Success

Harpoon's features are underpinned by a straightforward, best-practices approach to managing your agency's finances known as The Harpoon Method. These four simple rules, combined with the friendly software, provide a refreshing level of financial clarity that's helping agencies, studios, and freelancers run healthy, profitable businesses.

Try Harpoon Today

No other time-tracking or invoicing software offers the ability to plan and predict a profitable future for your business like Harpoon does. You can try it risk-free for 14 days with no credit card required. Don't wait any longer; take your agency's financial management to the next level with Harpoon.